Process for 2024 Bus Passes

Students whose details have not changed (i.e still attending same school and living at the same address) do not need to reapply for a bus pass, their pass will be processed as follows:

  • Students who are eligible for a bus pass based on distance eligibility under the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) School Travel Assistance Scheme will receive their bus pass via post prior to the commencement of the 2024 school year.
  • Students who are eligible based on the parent / guardian holding a Government issued Pension, Health Care or Concession card under DTMR’s Safety Net Scheme can expect their passes to be posted once Caboolture Bus Lines receives notification from the DTMR School Transport office that the student is still eligible for a bus pass in 2024.

If the student is not eligible for a bus pass in 2024 the DTMR School Transport office will notify parents / guardians directly.

Please note that we have been advised that any students who are waiting on the DTMR School Transport office to confirm their eligibility will be permitted to travel on the school bus without their bus pass from when school starts back in 2024 through until Friday 24 February 2024.

From Monday, 27 February 2024 onwards, any students who have not yet received their 2024 bus pass will be required to pay a full fare using a valid go card for each trip as per the Translink fare policy.

Students who have changed address or schools will need to lodge an application as follows:

  • If your child has or will be changing schools or address in 2024 you are required to complete a new application form to determine if they are still eligible for a bus pass. Please note that you will need to complete and submit the application as soon as possible as the DTMR School Transport office can take up to 4 weeks to process your application during this busy period.
  • Application forms can be requested from our office or completed online:

Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.